Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life History of Magellanic Woodpecker, at Neotropical Birds

Originally posted 3/26/11 - backdated to organize posts by topic.

Photo © M. Lammertink, posted with permission

I am excited to announce that the species account for the Magellanic Woodpecker has been completed at Neotropical Birds!  The species account instantly provides people with an authoritative, comprehensive and free life history of this impressive member of the Campephilus genus.  Co-authored by Valeria Ojeda and Laura Chazarreta (who appear left to right in the photo below) here is an excerpt from the overview:

Although there are woodpeckers throughout most of the Neotropics, perhaps none is as awe-inspiring as the Magellanic Woodpecker, which is an endemic species of the austral temperate forest. The large size, simple and elegant color pattern, as well as the curly and expressive crest of the female strongly suggest the extinct or nearly extinct Imperial (Campephilus imperialis) and Ivory-billed (C. principalis) woodpeckers. 

Visit Neotropical Birds to explore this in-depth entry and you will find information on identification, distribution, life history, and conservation of this species, a list of references, an array of photos and links to several vocalization and sound files:

Photo © M. Lammertink, posted with permission

Neotropical Birds is a collaborative project by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology that aims to become the world's most comprehensive resource for neotropical birds. Read more here:

Visit PicidPics to see more photos of the researchers/co-authors at work in the field:


Hernán Tolosa said...

Very interesting post about a magnificente species.Unfortunately I can't see them in my trip to Patagonia (Neuquén)and we haven't Campephilus in my region of Argentina, only Colaptes sp. You can find more pics in this interesting site:
Your blog is very good, I put a link in my blog

Bill Benish said...

Thanks very much for your kind words Hernán. Your blog is great! I have placed a link to it here.

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