Friday, February 5, 2010

Two Accounts of Ivory-billed Woodpecker Sightings

Originally posted 4/8/10 - backdated to organize posts by topic.

From present to past, you can hear two accounts of Ivory-billed Woodpecker sightings in this brief video.  Gene Sparling is up first, describing his 2004 sighting while kayaking in the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas.  Next, Fred Carney relates his 1938 sighting of three Ivory-billed Woodpeckers at the famed Singer Tract in Louisiana.

The video comes from a Memphis PBS station.  Thanks to Cyberthrush over at
Ivory-bills Live, where I found it.


biologion said...

It will be a pity if this marvelous birds extincts! lets hope that it won't happen!

Anonymous said...

Like so much wildlife in America and around the world, the destruction of the environment can be blamed on the disappearance of so much.

I recently saw a program on television about Big Foot. The goal is, apparently, to kill one as "proof" that they exist.

What kind of thinking makes men like this?

Enjoy this day. It was your future yesterday.

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