Saturday, February 6, 2010

Imperial Dreams: Tracking the Imperial Woodpecker Through the Wild Sierra Madre

Originally posted 2/10/13 - backdated to organize posts by topic. 

From, we have this description of Tim Gallagher's upcoming book on the Imperial Woodpecker

Naturalist Tim Gallagher journeys deep into the savagely beautiful Sierra Madre, home to rich wildlife and other natural treasures—and also to Mexican drug cartels—in a dangerous quest to locate the rarest bird in the world—the possibly extinct Imperial Woodpecker, the largest of all carpinteros

The story of his search and travels should be a most interesting read! Fortunately for us, Gallagher has launched a related blog with beautiful photos and commentary that you can visit here:


Tim Gallagher said...

Thank you for mentioning my book and my new blog, Bill. I really enjoy your blog.

Bill Benish said...

My pleasure Tim. And thanks fror your kind words. I sure am looking forward to Imperial Dreams!

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