Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Red-necked Woodpecker Species Account

pica-pau-de-barriga-vermelha femea by vhobusfoto

I recently authored a detailed species account on the Red-necked Woodpecker at Neotropical Birds Online (NBO).  It begins: 

The Red-necked Woodpecker is a large, spectacular Campephilus woodpecker of the rainforest.
 It is fairly common in Colombia and Venezuela and across the Guianas, and south through
 Amazonia to northern Bolivia.  

Each species account in NBO includes information on the identification, distribution, life history, conservation, and research references for a particular bird along with image and sound files for that species.  Visit NBO to read more about profiled Neotropical bird species and to see how you may contribute to authoring or enhancing additional species accounts!

The superb photo you see here is a female Red-necked Woodpecker near Matto Grasso, Brazil.  It is posted here with permission of talented wildlife photographer Valdir Hobus


Larry said...

Wow! What a beautiful woodpecker and that photo is outstanding! I can just imagine the thrill of seeing one of these in the wild for the first time.

Bill Benish said...

I couldn't agree with you more Larry! Thanks for visiting and for leaving your comment!

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