Friday, January 29, 2010

Pica-Pau-Rei - Robust Woodpecker

Originally posted 6/23/10 - backdated to organize posts by topic.

Taking a short break from Campephilus illustrations, enjoy this stunning photo of a female Robust Woodpecker that is © Takao Takayama and posted here with permission. The female bird has a rather striking facial pattern that includes a whitish moustachial stripe bordered with black above and blackish chin.  A fantastic photo!

Occasionally, I come across photos of the Robust Woodpecker that were taken at Iguazu Falls.  It's one of South America's most popular tourist destinations, located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, so if you visit, please be on the lookout for this impressive woodpecker!


Kurt said...

Great shot. A really remarkable woodpecker!

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