Saturday, January 30, 2010

Red-necked Woodpecker

Photos of the beautiful Red-necked Woodpecker are few and far between.

This photo of a male bird is © palmchat with thanks for sharing it here. Another person commented that this bird looks like an Ivory-billed Woodpecker, wearing a disguise!  It's no wonder.  There are only a few large woodpeckers that possess a striking ivory bill like the one you see on this bird.

This photo was taken at Allpahuayo-Mishana Reserve in Peru.

Read more about the reserve here.


Warren Baker said...

Hi Bill,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Ive had a look through yours and I must say you have some great photo's. I'll be back for more, when time permitts.

Enjoy the peckers!

Anonymous said...

Well, amazing photographs. I am still waiting and hoping a Pileated will land here but it has only come as close as just across the street and it is the only photos I have. I have never seen any of these before and new nothing about any of them.

What a remarkable blog.

The Watcher said...

a very detailed and imformative blog. The photographs are brilliant. I now know what I am missing.

Bill Benish said...

Thanks to all of you. I truly appreciate your kind words!

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