Thursday, February 4, 2010

Magellanic Woodpecker on Navarino Island

Originally posted 3/9/13 - backdated to organize posts by topic. 

Male Magellanic Woodpecker feeding on a fallen Nothofagus pumilio log in Navarino Island, near the southernmost end of the world, in January 2013.

Field researcher Jaime E. Jiménez captured this HD video and wrote these comments:

Years ago I was thrilled by the very nature of the Magellanic Woodpeckers (Campephilus magellanicus) in the deep Nothofagus forests of southern Chile! This was not only by its self-confident appearance, but also by their gracious behavior, complex calls and communication, and by their ways of finding food...


Hernán Tolosa said...

A very, very nice species, the nicest of Patagonia in my opinion. I´ve traveled in 2011 and in january to southern forests in Neuquen and Chubut provinces but I can't see them.

Bill Benish said...

Thanks for your comments Hernán. I was fortunate to see a small group of these birds at Lago del Desierto in January 2008. They are large, dynamic and the ones I saw were also being vocal as they foraged in the spectacular old growth forest at that location.

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