Friday, February 5, 2010

A Pair of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers - Specimens Photo

Originally posted 10/1/10 - backdated to organize posts by topic.

ivory bills, originally uploaded by slider5.
This pair of Ivory-billed Woodpecker specimens can be found at the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. I've been mentioning raised crests frequently, and so I felt intrigued to see the raised crest on the male bird at right in this photo. It's something that you almost never see in ivorybill photos or specimens. I wonder what taxidermy technique was involved in raising the crest.

Many thanks to slider5 for granting permission to post this photo here.

Even more intriguing is a new report from Arkansas of a sighting of a pair of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers by Jackson Roe and his dad reported on Jackson's blog!  UPDATE: In a later post, Jackson Roe conveyed that the birds he and his dad saw were Red-headed Woodpeckers, not ivorybills.  Both types of woodpeckers have white patches on their backs.  Their search continues.

Let's all wish them the very best of luck in their future efforts to further document living ivorybills!


Mark said...

As is so often the case, the mounting job doesn't reflect the usual appearance/positioning of the legs and feet in nature.

Bill Benish said...

Good observation. I hadn't noticed their positioning in this photo.

annie said...

I live in Vermont and will definitely make a trip to see them. I've never seen real specimens before (not even the AMNH in New York has theirs on display) and although it is obviously nothing like it would be to see them alive in a forest, I'd still like to check them out...

Bill Benish said...

It's fascinating to see how feathers retain their brilliant colors after 100+ years under proper storage. Unfortunately, the bills lose their ivory-white color after a while.

Anonymous said...

Have these birds (that you have already declared to be genuine sightings) turned up again?

Have the sound recordings been sent to a relevant organisation?

Thought not.

Bill Benish said...

Actually, no. I did not make any such declaration.

I only reported information and wished this Arkansas search team the best of luck.

And, I simply borrowed the "It's Not Extinct!!!" phrase from the blog post that I have linked to here, a common practice when posting an external link.

It's not my search effort so I am not the right person to answer your follow-up questions.

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