Monday, February 1, 2010

Pale-billed Woodpecker

Originally posted 4/5/10 - backdated to organize posts by topic.

loud, adorable redhead

Photo © thislittlelightofmine

Here's a stunning photograph of a Pale-billed Woodpecker.  We can tell it's a female bird because the center of its crown and its forecrown are black.   The photo is posted here with permission from thislittlelightofmine on Flickr.  She described her experience with this bird as follows:

This Pale-billed Woodpecker entertained me daily while I was in Mexico.
There were many noisy confrontations with squirrels, and guess who didn't budge!
The fiery redhead with attitude reigned supreme.


Phil said...

Bill, you're right. that picture is so stunning I had to look more than once to check it was for real. I just wish we had a few more 'peckers here in the UK.

Russell said...

That's a stunning looking bird and super photograph.

Edward Taylor said...

Amazing picture!

Bill Benish said...

It is a truly fantastic photo.

Thanks to all for your comments!

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